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Ada...why did you leave me? I thought we had something.
That we were meant to be. Ever since I met you, before
Raccoon City, we were an unstoppable duo, or at least that's how
it seemed.

When you left me for Albert Wesker, it shattered my heart.
Raccoon City was a test. I thought, "well here's a start".
The start of something new.  Projects, and my way to you.
But I was a foolish man. The very act caused you to leave my hand.

You drove me insane, Ada. You were the only one allowed at my side.
My obsession with you became incredibly mundane, and it continued to thrive.
And so my sadness and regret caused me to create a replica of you.
Carla Radames was used as a subject. To create two.

Even I could not have seen, the second betrayal Miss Ada Wong would give me.
2012 in Edonia, when I asked you to receive Jake Muller's antibodies,
A B.O.W. attacked them. An explosion occurred, leaving none of their debris.
I didn't realize it then, that you hatched a plan and hate had consumed thee.

The C-Virus was the key to substantial possibilities.
So I kept Adam quiet since he betrayed the Family.
The secret could not be discovered by the public community.
Ms. Harper's assistance allowed me to get off scott-free.

It was in the country's best interest, that Adam be removed.
Further involving his best friend caused pressure to be put on Leon Scott Kennedy.
To my surprise, the agents persisted in chasing me, to the Quad building.  
Quad Tower, where the real Ada finally betrayed me, and left me bruised.

I thought surely with this newly enhanced C-Virus in me, I couldn't lose.
From a quadruped mutant to a theropod dinosaur and back to the first.
Destroying the 3 who ruined everything for me, was to be my last accrue.
I couldn't even do that. From here I thought my life was just a curse.

Everything I loved and cared for in the end, betrayed me.
Carla had made an organization completely opposite of my beliefs.
The Family had decided I was useless, Even as I was the Head of them and this country.  
Has my life been nothing but all this grief?

Our whole lives we try and maintain. Respect, money, love. All to be washed away with pain.  
I was a fool and didn't realize how far I chased a shallow dream.
It took my dying moments to realize that nothing can truly be yours to obtain.
Power and Status can never save you. Unfortunately.

We are born alone, and we die alone.
Not a big fan of Derek myself, but you have to feel sorry for the guy.
He, like a lot of real men, went insane when a woman left him. 
This Rhythmic poem describes his whole life in a nutshell, an elementary kid formatted one. Finding words that rhyme together well is actually a bothersome task.

A few things you might not get:
'My obsession with you became incredibly mundane' He's saying that before this, he saw himself as a "Higher being".
'It was in the country's best interest' Derek actually said this himself. He always thought to the end, he was doing the best thing for the US. 
'the second betrayal'-This is Carla. 

He has a solemn face. I got a picture that would bring out the best of this poem.
Pic isn't mine by the way, Credit goes to Capcom.

I like titles with puns, sue me.
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August 4, 2014
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